Protection Tape


Protection Tape

Surface Protection Tapes

Looking for Surface Protective Tape suppliers in UAE? This product is designed to protect stainless steel finish from scuffing, dirt, corrosion, uv light, and other damages throughout all stages of the manufacturing cycle and delivery, such as cutting, folding, profiling, drawing, and drilling. Surface Protection tapes are widely used in a variety of industries to protect critical surfaces and materials from damages and abrasions during transportation, fabrication, installation, and storage.  We provide a superior quality surface protection tape, with the specially developed self-adhesive coating with printing.

PE Protective Tapes have a low-tack adhesive system to help provide temporary protection of many polished metals, smooth plastics, glass materials and high gloss painted surfaces.

Key features of Protective Tape:

            • Adjustable peeling force

            • Excellent protection against abrasion and scratches

            • No adhesive residue

            • Weather resistance

            • Easy to peel off

            • Excellent workability

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